The What + Why behind Pure Barre's new EMPOWER class

Empower is a high intensity, low impact, barre-inspired interval workout launching in Pure Barre studios August 14th. This class will get your heart rate up, build strength, rev up your metabolism and produce maximum results. Yep, it’s a bit of a sweat sesh. Empower incorporates ankle weights (my all-time fave) and a plyometric platform while performing multi-directional dynamic movements. It’s NO nonsense yet a whole lot of fun.

So now you know what to might be wondering why you need to find a day (or a few days) for Empower in your very organized boutique fitness schedule?! In addition to all the above listed benefits, which is quite a list, cross-training for your body is a really critical piece of injury prevention. If you are doing the same movements every day, inevitably you’ll be overusing some muscles and underutilizing others. Empower= cross-training for your BODY. Not only do our bodies need to mix it up, so do our brains. There is a ton of science linking changing up the way we move to our brain health. Thus, Empower also= cross-training for your BRAIN.  

A class that strengthens both body + brain and you get to wear ankle weights? Almost sounds like a Unicorn.