Tips on Getting A Healthy Summer Glow

Summer Bronze Skin-LIFE SMART by Carrie Dorr

By Cat Tatman

In the summer I think we all want to have a little bit of that sun-kissed complexion, however that ‘healthy’ glow can take a toll on your skin. 

A Healthy Glow for Your Face

First and foremost, always wear a broad-spectrum sun protection product with a minimum SPF of 30.  There are lots of wonderful tinted SPF’s in the market, so you can wear your daily SPF and have a little color with it!

Tinted SPF’s for your face

You can also add a healthy glow by incorporating a bronzer into your makeup routine. 

I prefer a pressed bronzer, I feel like they are a little easier to apply.

I like to apply a pressed bronzer with a Blending Brush, it has a flat tip and bristles of two lengths which allows for a very light, natural application. It’s of course good for blending, but is versatile and can be used to apply liquid foundations and loose powder. Honestly, if you don’t have a brush like this I highly recommend it. 

If you prefer a cream bronzer, ILIA has a nice cream bronzing stick.

How to apply bronzer so you look sun-kissed

With a sweeping motion apply bronzer to half of your face in the shape of a capital cursive E

A Healthy Glow For Your Body

There are lots of great options for self-tanners and tinted lotions for the body as well.

Josie Maran

Beauty by Earth

Eco Tan


Changing Up Your Daily Skincare Regimen

Depending on your skin and its needs, you may need to change up your daily regimen a bit. In the summer months we tend to sweat more and spend more time outside which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Consider a cleanser that is more clarifying to clear pores of excess sebum and adding a facial scrub to help remove dead skin and debris from the surface of the skin. Look for products that contain natural fruit acids as they help clean the skin, but without irritation. 

If you are currently using a retinols or more aggressive acids like glycolic or salicylic be very careful in the summer months as these increase the skins sensitivity to the sun. Only use these products in the evening and always use an SPF. If you do notice increased sensitivity consider using these products less frequently. 

Enjoy the sun and the summer with a healthy glow!