The Scoop on Vitamin C + Maturing Skin

By Cat Tatman

Collagen. It’s not just a buzzword.  If you want healthy, youthful looking skin- collagen is the ticket. 

The Intelligent Bit of Elixirs

  • Makes up 75% of our skin.

  • Provides structure and elasticity and plays a role in replacing dead skin cells.  

The Scoop on Aging

  • The regenerative functions of our cells being to slow and perform less efficiently as we age and cells divide more slowly.

  • Collagen fibers and the skins ability to heal and retain moisture decreases.

  • The result is the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and loss of elasticity in our skin. 

Unfurrow your brow. Not only is not good for your skin, there’s no need to worry.

Easy Solve | Vitamin C

Anti Aging Skin By Contributing Expert Cat Tatman-LIFE SMART by Carrie Dorr

The Intelligent Bit of Elixirs

  • Humans do not produce vitamin C naturally, this is why it’s important to supplement.

  • Vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of collagen, a key protein used to make skin and essential for wound healing and growth and repair of tissue.

  • It’s also powerful antioxidant and helps block damage from harmful free radicals, which damage our DNA.  

Applying Vitamin C topically once daily is the simplest and most effective way to protect, repair and restore your skin. 

Recommended Application Method

Put a few drops of Vitamin C on the back of your hand, swipe and apply to 1/2 of your face. 

Anti Aging Skin By Contributing Expert Cat Tatman-LIFE SMART by Carrie Dorr

Repeat this step on the other hand to apply Vitamin C to the other ½ of your face.

*tip- our hands age too, applying serum from the back of your hand will also help protect them from the telltale signs of aging. 

p.s. As someone with deep roots in skincare and as the co-founder of a skincare line, when people ask me due to budget or commitment ‘issues’, if I only could suggest one product what would it be…without hesitation, Vitamin C is the go-to.