5 Tips on Decorating your Child's Room

By Beth Armijo

Creating a bedroom your child loves doesn't have to be expensive and can provide a space for years of dreaming and learning!  Here are my 5 top tips on how to have fun with your Child's room:

  1. What is your child’s favorite colors, books, toys? I really like to let them pick the paint color or at least the accent based on those things. There is always a sophisticated version of any color!

  2. Think about adding a wallpaper accent on wall/ceiling, large world map, or even an art gallery of pages out of a classic children’s book.

  3. As for layout, it is always nice to make a small cozy area to play, read, and sleep.

  4. In one room we picked to great colors and created large wooden framed boxes mounted on the wall that could act as a display area for revolving art as the kids interests changed (see Dr Seuss image).

  5. You want your eye to dance around the room so I always try to have something fun and interesting on the floor, the walls, and the ceilings...