Summer Travel Tips

Summer travel season has arrived!  Going on vaca doesn't mean your health has to backslide.  A week of a downward spiral leads to a week or more of recovering to get back to your baseline. Here are my top tips on how to balance your health + fitness AND have fun on your summer vacation: 

  1. Hydrate. Water water water. The benefits far outweigh annoying your row on the plane and your family with pit stops.

  2. Eat sensibly. Take snacks. Nuts are super portable and packed with nutrients. When ordering at restaurants, get you dressings and sauces on side. You can still enjoy meals without overdoing it.

  3. Move whenever you can but especially when you arrive at your destination. I like to take a 20 minute quick walk to rev up my circulation after sitting in a plane or car.

  4. Don't abandon your workout. I've heard CDM Online is perfect for travel!

  5. Prep for Sleep. Sleeping in a place other than your own bed is not always easy for most of us but prepping can help. Bring an essential oil roller ball like lavender or frankincense, wear earplugs, use white noise, dim the lights and cover all bright and blinking objects in the room, practice breathing exercises (4-7-8).  

These few things can help keep you healthy on your vaca while not impeding on your fun.  You can return refreshed without experiencing a setback in your health.  Enjoy!