Endermologie: The Best Kept Secret

I read about Endermologie® 10 years ago and was intrigued. Since then, I've sought out a practitioner in every city I've lived in and am a huge believer in its' benefits. I try to go once a month and view it as preventative/proactive health care for the reasons listed below. It's mainstream in Europe but I'm hoping some day it becomes more available in the US. As with anything, the quality of the practitioner is critical. If you try it out, don't be alarmed by the giant body stocking you need to wear (pictured below). Not the most flattering of outfits but all in the name of good health!

Endermologie® was developed by Louis-Paul Guitay (LPG) in the early 1980s when it was originally used in the treatment of burns to prevent skin contraction and to loosen scar tissue. During these initial treatments it was noticed that it unexpectedly improved the appearance of cellulite in some patients and as a consequence Endermologie® became widely used for aesthetic purposes in France and the USA. Endermologie® is non-surgical and non-invasive. It involves the use of a motorized device with two adjustable rollers and controlled suction, which creates a symmetrical skin-fold.

Most of what you'll read online about Endermologie® discusses the aesthetic benefits but what I love is that it:

  1. Increases circulation 400 percent.

  2. Increases lymphatic flow by 200 percent.

  3. Stimulates collagen.

  4. Pushes lactic acid out of the muscles to relieve D.O.M.S. (delayed onset of muscle soreness ).

  5. Rids cognitive tissue of toxins and excess water (aka bloat).

  6. Exfoliates the skin.

  7. Softens scar tissue.

Click here to read more about the science behind Endermologie.

If you are just interested in the body stocking I bet you could hunt one down on Amazon!

Endermologie- LIFE SMART by Carrie Dorr