8 Tips for Achieving Results with Your At-Home Workout

8 Tips for Achieving Results with Your At-Home Workout-LIFE SMART by Carrie Dorr

There are 2 components to getting a great workout at-home. The first is finding an exercise program. The program you choose should be both effective and fun! With more companies bringing workout concepts online, chances are you’ll find a program that meets both criteria. The second component is the environment you create at your home as well as your commitment to it.   Here are 8 simple tips I’ve learned over the years in achieving results while working out at-home:

1. Eat something before you workout.

Working out on an empty tank is no bueno. I’ve never been a huge rise-and-shine breakfast person but I can get this smoothie down daily and it gives me the fuel I need for my workout.

2. Wear comfortable clothes but also supportive shoes and sports bra.

A perk of working out at-home is you can workout in your pajamas. I actually do this quite often when traveling to maximize packing efficiency….working out in the pj’s you slept saves an outfit! However, even in my pjs I make sure to have supportive shoes and a sports bra.

3. Use separate devices when possible.

Although not always possible, having your at-home workout play on a device that does NOT receive your email, text or phone calls makes it much less tempting to check in while grabbing a sip of water or taking a break. At the very least, turn off your alerts if possible. This is key for maintaining not only the intensity of your workout but it’s also critical for keeping your focus which creates that mindful space your workout can provide.

4. Have your workout station set up.

At home, have your station set up with your mat and equipment. If possible to leave it set up it maximizes efficiency. Remember to place your ipad or laptop in such a way that you don’t strain your neck watching the screen. This iPad stand is great- lightweight, portable and inexpensive ($18).

5. Keep a pair of sneakers, socks + foot lotion at your station.

I have a dedicated pair of indoor workout sneakers I leave at my station. I usually wear my slippers to and from my home workout. Lotion is not necessary but a huge perk of working out at home….just rub some on your feet before you put your socks on and it does wonders for the heels. ps- I have tried working out in facial masks + eye patches….it doesn’t work so well.

6. Heat the room.

I believe in working out in a heated room at 80 degrees. The Dyson is pricey but worth it in my opinion. If you are heating your room, make sure to turn your heater on ahead of time.

7. Tell your fam and friends “your workout time”.

My circle knows from 8a-9a I’m working out. They are less liking to contact me during that time. Of course there are exceptions… waiting for a doctor’s call, etc, but it’s helpful to not have routine communication coming in during the hour. You can’t take your phone in to class at the studio. Working out at home requires you to set up some boundaries to emulate the same experience.

8. Commit to daily movement.

I believe in daily exercise. It doesn’t have to be of the same intensity, duration or discipline but it should be done every day. For example, you could do CDM one day and walk the next.  Commit to moving daily…it’s instrumental for physical health and critical for mental health.