Yellowbelly Chicken: The Healthiest Fried Chicken...Ever

Don’t fear FRIED CHICKEN….at least not at Yellowbelly.

I’ll be the first to admit, when we take the fam to Yellowbelly I don’t eat there.  I’ve always felt good about feeding our kids YB because it’s real food...made from scratch, with the best ingredients, no added sugar or sodium and the kids love it. Total parent win. 

Before I did my research, I assumed the fried chicken was too high in fat and calories for my dietary routine. The guys at YB called me out.  After spending time with Barry, Eric + Michael (founders + fried chicken gurus) and studying the nutritional info, I realized I was completely wrong. Turns out the FRIED chicken is healthy.  

One fried chicken tender has only 90 calories, 3 grams of fat and 0 sugars. You're looking at a total of 270 cals, 9 grams of fat and 0 sugars for an adult serving. WHAT?!!  

YB also gave me a lesson on frying which is something I’ve always associated with Crisco and stay far away from. They use a pressure fryer. The oil you fry in makes a huge difference and YB uses a non GMO rice bran oil which Barry agreed to drink if someone dared him. The time in the fryer matters. YB fried white is only in there 3 minutes meaning the fat isn’t going in to the chicken. Who knew? Not me.

Thus you don’t need to deprive yourself of fried chicken any longer and who doesn’t love a good chicken tender?