Like many in the dance world, I started when I was just 3. I was a bit unique in that I seemed to have a gift for visualizing pattern, movement and colors to beats. 

I danced and choreographed professionally through college and law school. In addition to dance and pilates, I trained in and taught every fitness discipline around in the 90s- kickboxing, aerobics, step-aerobics, trekking, cycling. You name it and I taught it! I loved learning about all types of movement and health related topics and I LOVED teaching people and sharing knowledge, I still do after 25 years.

I'm a geek at heart and would have stayed in school forever but needed to begin to pay off my loans as my dance and fitness gigs weren't cutting it. I practiced law for 2 years, became financially stable and decided that as much as I loved the academic challenge of law school, I didn't love practicing as an attorney.  

I opened my first studio in 2001 in a 600 square foot space in the basement of a strip mall. Truth be told, it was a janitor's closet that I convinced the landlord to let me rent. I began teaching Pilates equipment and mat classes and threw a barre up on the wall which held about 5 people. Through a very long journey, that concept became Pure Barre which sits at 400+ locations nationwide.  

While visiting Denver to help launch a franchise in 2009, I met Frank Dorr which changed the course of my life. We fell in love, got married and had 3 kids. We feel extremely blessed, humbled, grateful and challenged all at the same time! 

I've been on my own since I was 16 and I didn't come from a "healthy" or business-savvy family. I'm self-taught in many areas and certainly don't have all the answers but I do have a passion for learning and figuring things out and an even deeper passion for sharing.  I hope LIFE SMART will provide tools for you to continue to evolve in to your best, strongest self....a journey I know I plan on being on for life.


Carrie is the Creator of the Carrie Dorr Method, launching February 2018.  She is also the Founder and former CEO + CBO of Pure Barre. She invests and advises female-run startups.  She is a guest speaker on entrepreneurship and franchising for the MBA programs at the University of Southern California, Michigan State University, University of Colorado, YPO and EO.

Carrie holds a JD from Wayne State University and a BS in Business from Michigan State University. 

Carrie resides in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, 3 kids and big yellow lab. They spend as much time as possible in Vail and enjoy biking, hiking, skiing and everything outdoors.